Thursday 14 April 2011

Year Three & Four: The Sketches

It seems that, despite my best intentions, at no point in the last year did I collect together the sketches from Year Three on my blog - so here are Year Three and Four together! They've been sadly less frequent than I intended when I started up this blog, but... never mind. In fact, I can't believe there have only been fourteen in the past two years. Oops. Must Do Better.

Clicking on each cartoon *should* take you to the relevant post.


  1. I love your sketches and your sense of humour. Thanks for gathering them all in one place as I missed out on quite a few during my blogging hiatus. Excellent - particularly the squirrel and the Jane Eyre meets The Shining!

  2. Very nice! It's nice to see them together.

  3. Thanks for the laugh this morning, your sketches are really clever. Wouldn't it be something if a library or literary periodical made some room in their publication for your book-related ones?

  4. Your sketches are one of the unique features of your blog, Simon. Long may they continue. Of these, I think the Dostoyevsky one is my favourite.

  5. Cristina - thank you! Previous years of sketches are linked in the left-hand sidebar...

    Susan - thanks :)

    Darlene - aww, bless you!

    David - I really must try and do more. Thinking of ideas is the hardest part - whereas with writing I just splurge and hope for the best!


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