Saturday 30 April 2011

Wedding and Saki

What a wonderful Royal Wedding! I especially admire those of you across the globe who woke up at crazy o'clock to watch the royal nuptials - it was a beautiful ceremony, and Kate's dress was wonderful. All in all, as I sat waving my mini union jack, I loved it. And then we had a street party! Not quite in the street - it was in the park at the end of our road, but loads of people came, and it was a really, really fun time. I do feel like I've been baking non-stop for the past day, and this was one of the creations we offered (sugar decor by Mel):

But I haven't managed to put together a Weekend Miscellany - instead, I'll just unveil the winner of The Unbearable Bassington and selected short stories by Saki. Special royal congratulations to...

Rosie H!

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend, if you've got one!


  1. We watched too but it was at the very decent hour of 2.30 pm. I think every office had a tv on!!! Wonderful wedding and the bride looked absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Oh I would have loved to have been able to have a street party! Sadly, I was in a 'crazy o'clock' time zone - we love our street parties in my neighbourhood but prefer to hold them when there's at least some daylight! Instead, my mom and I curled up in our pyjamas and had a very cozy, private viewing party. Such a lovely day, no matter how you celebrated!

  3. What a beauiful cake! It was such a wonderful day.

  4. What a great cake! In the build up to the wedding I was rather grumpy and was sick of the constant coverage. However on the day, I had to watch it. The dress was beautiful and the couple travelling down on the horse drawn carriage was spine tingling. It was a wonderful day. It's a shame there were no street parties here.

  5. Love the cake - and would've been there with you at the street party if we'd been over there. Instead, we watched the "after the wedding specials" and saw all the highlights over and over again until we pretty much collapsed into bed from the extra long day. Well worth it, though.

  6. Oh wasn't it seriously spectacular! Glad you enjoyed it and your street party - what fun :)

  7. I was up at 3:15 am! It was such a wonderful day but Deacon was less than impressed with our balloon decorations and the delay of his morning walk.

    Glad you had a super time of it all and that cake looks very festive!

  8. Haha, that cake is brilliant!

  9. I hope that they have a long and happy union...

  10. Mystica - didn't she? Lovely dress - and nice civilised hour of the day to watch!

    Claire - it felt like WW2 or something, all the community spirit etc.! Not what I expected in a city, so that was lovely.

    Jo - people on our street had also made union jack biscuits, and my housemates painted union jacks on their fingernails!

    Spangle - so many people told me they were indifferent, and ended up getting sucked in...

    Susan - I'm very impressed by your wedding dedication - you must have been exhausted!

    Polly - we're already planning the diamond jubilee party!

    Miranda - I was so impressed by Mel's sugar-sprinkling skillz.

    Paul - amen to that!

  11. I missed this - what an amazing cake simon!!!

  12. Er ... me? Gosh! I hope I'm not too late; we've been on holiday and I've only just got on to catching up on blogs.

  13. Thanks Verity!

    Rosie - don't worry, you're not too late! Just email me your address to and I'll get the book off to you :)


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