Sunday 10 April 2011

Song for a Sunday

The only good thing to come from watching the awful film Wedding Daze was hearing a track in the background that I loved... I hunted it down, and thus began my love of folk-indie-rocky band Hem and the beautiful voice of Sally Ellyson. Here is that song, 'The Fire Thief' from the album Eveningland - one of my favourite albums. Enjoy!

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  1. I think iTunes should be paying you a commission. Thank you so much for your great music recommendations. Am downloading two of their albums as I type this! Beautiful!!

  2. The clip wasn't coming up for me initially but I have it playing on's lovely!

  3. :-) Love your taste in music!

  4. Barbara - oh, wonderful! Which albums did you download? I have Eveningland (obviously), Rabbit Songs, Funnel Cloud, and Home Again, Home Again. So, basically, I don't have No Word From Tom

    Darlene - I didn't realise it was on YouTube now - it wasn't when I hunted a few months ago (or, at least, there might have only been a live version.) Thanks for seeking it out; so glad you liked it!

    Willa - aww, thanks!

  5. I downloaded Eveningland and Home Again, Home Again and am listening to it right now. How wonderful that I come to you for observations on books and end up discovering some great music.

  6. Barbara - lovely! My favourite tracks from those albums, aside from The Fire Thief, are The Part Where You Let Go and their cover of Jackson. So different from the original, and so much better in my opinion!


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