Tuesday 12 April 2011

Year Five: Book Reviews

Baker, Frank - Mr. Allenby Loses The Way 
Barnes, Julian - The Sense of an Ending 
Beaton, Cecil - Ashcombe
Benson, Stella - Living Alone
Bentley, Nicolas - How Can You Bear To Be Human?
Betts, P.Y. - People Who Say Goodbye
Bioy Casares, Adolfo - The Invention of Morel
Border, Terry - Bent Objects 
Bowles, Jane - Two Serious Ladies
Bridge, Ann - Illyrian Spring
Brookner, Anita - Hotel du Lac
Capote, Truman - In Cold Blood
Chesterton, G.K. - The Man Who Was Thursday
Cholmondeley, Mary - Red Pottage
Colquhoun, Kate - Mr. Brigg's Hat (Review by Our Vicar's Wife)
Crompton, Richmal - Still William
Dick, Kay - Ivy and Stevie 
Dickens, Charles - Great Expectations 
Dostoevsky, Fyodor - The Double
Essex, Mary - The Amorous Bicycle
Evens, Brecht - The Wrong Place
Fadiman, Anne - At Large and At Small
Ferguson, Rachel - Passionate Kensington
Field, Eugene - The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac
Gallico, Paul - Jennie
Gibbons, Stella - Westwood
Girouard, Mark - Enthusiasms
Goldsworthy, Peter - Maestro 
Graham, Virginia - Here's How
Green, Henry - Blindness
Grondahl, Jens Christian - Virginia
Hamilton, Patrick - The Slaves of Solitude
Hardy, Thomas - The Return of the Native
Hillis, Marjorie - Live Alone and Like It
Howe, Bea - A Fairy Leapt Upon My Knee
Jackson, Shirley - Life Among the Savages
Jackson, Shirley - Raising Demons
Jackson, Shirley - The Lottery and other stories 
Kaufman, Andrew - The Tiny Wife
Keller, Helen - The World I Live In  
Kennedy, Margaret - Jane Austen 
Kerr, Jean - Please Don't Eat The Daisies
Kingsolver, Barbara - The Poisonwood Bible

Last, Nella - Nella Last's Peace
Leduc, Violette - The Lady and the Little Fox Fur
Macaulay, Rose - The World My Wilderness 
Maugham, W. Somerset - Up At The Villa
Maxwell, William - So Long, See You Tomorrow
Maxwell, William & Sylvia Townsend Warner - The Element of Lavishness
Mayor, F.M. - The Rector's Daughter
Mills, Magnus - All Quiet on the Orient Express
Milne, A.A. - Mr. Pim Passes By
Morley, Christopher - Safety Pins
Nicholls, David - One Day
Olivier, Edith - Night Thoughts of a Country Landlady
Olivier, Edith - Country Moods and Tenses  
Panter-Downes, Mollie - One Fine Day
Pratchett, Terry - Going Postal
Queneau, Raymond - Exercises in Style
Saki - The Unbearable Bassington
Smith, Dodie - I Capture the Castle
Smith, Dodie - The Town in Bloom
Smith, Dodie - Look Back With Love  
Smith, Dodie - Dear Octopus
Spark, Muriel - Memento Mori
Steinbeck, John - The Pearl
Stephenson, Simon - Let Not The Waves of the Sea
Stonier, G.W. - Shaving Through the Blitz
Strachan, Mari - The Earth Hums in B Flat
Taylor, Elizabeth - A View of the Harbour
Toole, John Kennedy - A Confederacy of Dunces
Townsend, Sue - Adrian Mole series  
Trefusis, Violet - Echo
Trevelyan, G.E. - Appius and Virginia
Trillin, Calvin - Tepper Isn't Going Out
Trillin, Calvin - Deadline Poet 
Vincent, Lady Kitty - Gin and Ginger
von Arnim, Elizabeth - Christopher and Columbus
Warner, Sylvia Townsend - Time Importuned  
Warner, Sylvia Townsend - Opus 7 

Warner, Sylvia Townsend and William Maxwell - The Element of Lavishness 
Winman, Sarah - When God Was A Rabbit
Wodehouse, P.G. - Right Ho, Jeeves 
Wren, Jenny - Lazy Thoughts of a Lazy Girl
Young, E.H. - The Misses Mallett

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