Wednesday 15 December 2010

Persephone Secret Santa!

Today is the day to unveil our Persephone Secret Santas, so it gives me very great pleasure to unveil my Christmas gifts - here they are:

That's On the Other Side: Letters to My Children from Germany 1940-46 by Mathilde Wolff-Monckeberg - one of only two Persephone Books I didn't have and wanted, which makes me realise how many are languishing unread on my shelves. Talking of which, I also received A Tale of Two Cities by (of course) Charles Dickens - Mr. Dickens is one of those authors I love, but never seem to read. I've read three of his novels, but none for the last seven years.

And now to unveil my kind Santa - it is Rachel of Flowers and Stripes - thanks Rachel! I must confess that I haven't read Rachel's blog before, but of course I will be doing so now.

Many thanks to lovely Claire for organising this, and pop over to see who got what from whom in
Persephone Secret Santa fun. I have a feeling that the receiver of my Santa gift may have a barren day, as events conspired against me, and it didn't get to the post box in time to get to... but no, I shan't spoil the surprise just yet.


  1. Lucky Simon! I don't know Rachel either but will click over now to check out her blog. Hope your Santee is visited soon!

  2. Take that back. I know her well but by a different name. :)

  3. Oooh!! You are sooo lucky! Can't wait to read all the posts.

    By the way, what's the other Persephone you're missing? I'm curious. And do you own ALL of them, or "just" read them all? I've only read 13 so far, 14 if you count Miss Buncle Married (which technically isn't a Persephone yet, as it won't be published until spring).

  4. I'm one of those who hasn't gotten my Persephone yet, so I'm reading your post with excitement and envy! And how nice to get some cosy Dickens too.

  5. What lovely gifts! I hope you enjoy reading them.

  6. So glad they arrived in time... And I too have another new blog to read.

  7. Fantastic stuff Simon, glad to hear you had a good santa! :-)

  8. Lovely! Can't wait to see your post on the Dickens too:) I actually sent my package 2.5 weeks ago too but it still hasn't arrived. Grumble.

  9. Lovely choice by Rachel! I ADORE Dickens.

    Thank you for participating, Simon. Don't feel bad about your Santa not yet receiving their gift as these things cannot be helped (as you will see from Sakura's comments you are not alone; a few have not yet reached their destinations, which is regrettable but at least we know they are on their way.)

  10. I still have not read a Persephone but am soon to remedy that! So many of the books I've seen mentioned today sound wonderful.

  11. Although the setting for my writing is about as far from England as you can get, Dickens is one of my favorites. I reread Bleak House with pleasure every few years. A Tale of Two Cities is not one of Dickens' best--I believe he was writing it in the throes of being madly in love and ending his marriage--but in the old man, Dickens shows a strange pre-knowledge of the subconscious.

  12. wow I love it. .Just enjoy it:)

  13. I'm not familiar with the Persephone you were sent, but A Tale of Two Cities is a very memorable read. I'll never, ever forget that ending. I'm glad that you received two such lovely books. Happy reading!

  14. Frances - I hope I haven't blown her cover!

    Karen - I should have phrased it more carefully; there are quite a few Persephones I don't have, but only one which I *want* I don't have - I'm not particularly interested in the cookery books, some of the non-fiction, etc. The novel I want is To Bed With Grand Music by Marghanita Laski. But I have so many unread!

    Susan - I'm sure I shall :)

    Carolyn - ooo, so many wonderful titles for you to read! I'd recommend starting with Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple - not my favourite, but it is wonderful and I think more or less everyone would think so...

    Helen - I certainly shall!

    Joan/Rachel - thanks so much again! And I hope I didn't do the wrong thing in calling you Rachel; I hadn't spotted your pseudonym...

    Willa - I am feeling guilty about my bookless Santee...

    Sakura - oh dear, oh dear! Well, delayed gratification and all that.

    Claire - thanks again for organising :) And I am loving Dickens, even though I chose to read a different one from the one I was recently given.

    LifetimeReader - definitely should be rectified! Persephone have so many wonderful gems. If you want any advice on where to start, there are so many bloggers to offer their I wrote about, I'd recommend starting with Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple.

    Shelley - Bleak House is one I will definitely get to eventually - but it is so long that I'll have to work my way up to it!

    Kaye - thanks ;)

    Bellezza - A Tale of Two Cities is actually one of those Dickens I know nothing about. Great Expectations - which I've just started - is one I somehow know nearly all about, despite never having read or watched it.


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