Saturday 4 December 2010

Novella Weekend: Post 1

Well, my weekend of novella (and 'novella', and just plain 'shortish novel') reading is just about to start. I'm afraid *another* nasty cold has hit me, so we'll see how long my eyes hold up for, but my plan is to write a quick post after each book I finish - or perhaps somewhere in between, if it's all going slowly.

Do comment if you're novella-reading today, and pop any links to relevant posts in the comments.


  1. I've been reading novellas for the past month so this is a weekend of catch-up reviewing and further novella reading for me.

    Heart of Darkness review here.

  2. hey, I've just discovered your site today, I love it. I'm inspired by people actually taking the time to love books.. I mostly have to read inbetween dance classes when I'm supposed to warm up my legs..
    Anyway, it's so nice to read about that, and will be a comforting space to me.
    Take care, Simone


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