Thursday 23 December 2010


I'm embroiled in re-reading the Narnia series (don't worry, Mr. Dickens, I'll dig you out again - only Prince Caspian has a bit of a war on his hands right now, and I don't want to leave him to fight it out alone) - but I'm going to post a sort of scattergun blog post with links and suchlike.

1.) I was rather excited about this lovely post from AOL's MyDaily, which has sweetly picked Stuck-in-a-Book as its Blog of the Week. I especially liked "At Stuck in a Book it's less about marks out of ten and more about being part of an extremely welcoming community" - that's what I hope all of us make together.

2.) This link was forwarded to me by Verity. It is a petition asking Oxfordshire County Council to reconsider closing 20 libraries in the county. I know cuts have to be made, and everyone thinks their cause is the most important, but surely enabling widespread free access to books is something worth fighting for? Even if you don't live in the area, do consider signing the petition, out of worldwide library-users solidarity!

3.) Guy at Pursewarden has concocted another fiendishly difficult Christmas Quiz. Of the 40 questions, I knew the answers to 3. Perhaps you'll fare better than I did...

4.) This is a fun list, courtesy of Tripbase, of the Top 10 Fictional Travellers. So fun, I can very nearly forgive 'Waldo' where 'Wally' should be...

5.) Gae
l Chatelain got in touch with me regarding an interesting publishing decision for her second novel, Do Unto Others. It is published online, to include music that Chatelain has herself composed - and here's the interesting part: you can choose how much to pay for it, from zilch upwards. Click here for more.

Oh, and the picture? Entirely irrelevant to the post... except, isn't she SCHWEET?!


  1. Thanks Simon for mentioning the link!

  2. Congrats on being blog of the week -- well deserved. I've signed the petition so thanks for that link.

  3. Happy Christmas Simon. Pursewarden quiz *lethal* - I've only managed 4 :)

  4. Yes, the cat is very sweet indeed! I'm not sure how happy mine would feel about the snow--my street is too busy, so they don't get to explore outside, so window watching is what they have to settle for.

  5. Cute kitty! I don't think my cats would like the snow either. I let them out in the rain last night and they were very confused. And congratulations on blog of the week - it will bring a lot more readers to your awesome blog! Merry Christmas!

  6. Oooh I have been considering re-reading all of the Narnia novels after taking my cousin to see the latest installment at the cinema has given me the urge!

  7. Congrats on MyDaily favourite pick!! ANd yes, sooooo sweet. I am re-united with my puss-cat who is turning into a little bit of an old lady.


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