Friday 24 December 2010

Blogging Resolutions

I hope you're having a lovely Christmas Eve - it's the big Christmas meal tonight here in the Thomas household, since tomorrow is rather a busy day for Our Vicar. So get the Quorn roast in the oven (and some bird or other for the carnivores) and wrap up warm for tonight's midnight service, should you be going to one. It's one of my favourite services of the year - looking forward to it.

But I have so many summary-type posts to come between Christmas and New Year (you'll be dying to know what my Top Ten Books of 2010 are, yes?) that I thought I'd bring up the topic of New Year's Resolutions today. Sorry if that's confusing matters...

So, do you make them? Of course, my big resolution this year was Project 24 - and if I manage the last week, then I'll have done it! And every year I make a half-hearted resolution not to bite my nails... and every year it fails within minutes.

I don't think I'll be making any big personal New Year's Resolutions, but I have decided on a New Year's Blogger Resolution: to reply to comments! It isn't that I've had a policy against it before - far from it - I simply never seem to remember to do it. I love those bloggers who do, and love checking back to see whether or not they have. Thus, I am determined to become one of those bloggers. Hold me to it, guys, if I don't...

So, howsabout you? Any resolutions and - more pertinently - any blogging resolutions?


  1. We still have 3 and a half hours of Christmas Eve Eve left so I am not yet in the full holiday mode yet.

    I think my only blog resolution is to rethink how I have my book lists on my blog. I'm not sure I will do anything about it, but I do resolve to think about it.

  2. Have a really great Christmas Simon and enjoy the time with your family! I really don't make resolutions, but I do want to read all the books on my 2011 reading list (I make a list every year, read maybe two books from it then conveniently forget all about it!). I might have a few other plans in mind but will share them after the holiday.

  3. Well, first and foremost, not to bite my nails as well...NEVER gonna happen.

    And my blogs actually going to be making some exciting drastic changes in early 2011! Other than that, I'd like to be more vocal about what I'm reading, instead of it being on the backburner.

  4. What? No project 25? :) I'm definitely a goal oriented person and have been working on mine in between holiday activities. My biggest goal for 2011 is to have the majority of my reading come from my own TBR shelves, and with that in mind I've been trying to come up with my "number" for my own Project XX. Just this morning, I was considering 36 (24 might be too great a challenge, and my age is too many coming in). I can thank you for my inspiration on this one, and if I pull it off, my husband will thank you even more! :)
    I'm looking forward to your "best of" list and summaries!
    Happy Christmas Eve to you!
    (Having never heard of Quorn, I'm off to google to look it up and educate myself - I am, after all, in the heart of cattle country over here. ;) )

  5. Oh, and as to the fingernails...they come and go depending on the suspense of what I'm reading! ;)

  6. I gave up making resolutions sometime in my teenage years. Of course that doesn't mean I have not a lot of things I'd like/need to do in my life but I'm not dedicating a day to "resolve" to take action. Either I will do something or I won't. Either choice is likely depend on some kind of cost-benefit analysis; the mechanisms, and indeed the reasoning, may be obscure to many including myself. I do occasionally let other people "make" resolutions for me. The last one of any note, in that it has had some significant effect on aspects of my life, was in Autumn 2006. Thank you dearest T....!


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