Sunday 5 September 2010

Stuck-in-a-Book's Week(ahem)day Miscellany

Hi there - sorry for a silent weekend, but it comes with a nice excuse. It was Our Vicar's Wife's birthday on Friday, and Colin and I decided to surprise her with a visit - so I drove down and picked up Col after his work, and we arrived on the doorstep about 6.30pm, cue a very spectacular and lovely scene of surprise. We went out to dinner, Colin beat us at Scrabble, and we dug a trench in a graveyard... all the normal, really.

So, no weekend post - I was too busy having fun! Also have lots of comments to reply to, I'm aware of it - I will do it, and I do so love getting your comments. I hope you know how much I appreciate it.

The unseasonal day will mean the Miscellany isn't quite the same as usual, nor as colourful, but here are a few things I'd like to point out to you all...

1) Via Facebook, this week I discovered the blog/website Hyperbole and a Half, possibly the best thing ever. Possibly (of course) not... but anybody who (a) likes funny things, and (b) is a stickler for spelling and grammar MUST have a look at this. Thank me later, when it's 2.30am and you're still reading her posts...

2.) I love it when people read the books I've talked about (or when I read books recommended by other bloggers) but I love it JUST AS MUCH when people bake my recipes! So, thanks Darlene, so pleased to have spread the rock bun joy - have a gander at the results of Darlene's labour. And Susan, I'll reply soon to comments, but I'm afraid this is one recipe where chocolate wouldn't work in place of currants. I'm not sure it would work with mixed peel and mixed spice? Of course, you could miss those out too... but then it would just be chocolate chip buns. Which I'm sure would be lovely, come to think of it!

3.) India Knight is a lass who knows her apples - and, more to the point, her books. I think 'comfort reads' can sound a little dismissive (for some reason 'comfort zone' doesn't have the same connotation for me) but I know what she's getting at, and this list of comfort read books - mentioned by my friend - is absolutely brilliant. Regular SiaB readers will doubtless find great things to read there, and I know it's reminded me of a few I want to try, and lots I've already loved.

DO go and help Yvette choose from her latest library books... some really interesting reading material there, including everyone's favourite novel about a fictitious woman coming to life in a cathedral city...

Lastly, check out my friend Soph's new recipe blog...


  1. India Knight's list is brilliant! Brilliant in this case meaning 'full of all my favourite comfort reads'.

    Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. I like your "normal day" activities! sounds a lot of normal fun anyway.

    Thank you so much for the links. I will go read/check up on them.

  3. Oh, I love Hyperbole and a Half! I have spent many an hour laughing out loud over her posts.

    And you can't just leave the "trench in a graveyard" story like that. Do tell!

  4. Happy belated birthday wishes to your Mum!

    The grammar post was hilarious and thank you for the link to those terrific recipes. My daughter's boyfriend is a vegetarian so they will come in very handy.

  5. Many happy returns to your mother on her day! Please wish her well for me and tell her that I so enjoy reading her blog (I never have been able to get the comment thing to work over there). I find her blog very peaceful and relaxing to read. Of course, she just makes me want to visit England that much more - her posts on just normal everyday life read much like a Miss Read book to me (some of my all time fav comfort books).

    Glad that you all had a great weekend. I may have to play with the rock bun recipe a little and see what I come up with (I do think I'll put the pecans in it, though - nuts sometimes work as a good substitute for fruit and go well with the spices.)

  6. Dear Susan in TX, thank you for your comment on my blog - I no longer have a counter facility and because on-one can post comments, I had begun to think I was talking to myself (actually, I am most of the time!) I was very lazy in August, but now I know someone reads it I'll try a bit harder!
    Simon's and Colin's surprise visit was WONDERFUL - although, by taking me by surprise they discovered the dreadful things I'd been doing to their rooms! Better go and tidy up now!

  7. Um, about this picture. Is it a place you frequent, or how you imagine your flat will look about 24 hours after your 24-book project time period has expired? Tell tell.

  8. I *love* Hyperbole and a half - such a good tip

  9. Claire - my definition of brilliant too! Makes me realise I'm not special in my tastes at all ;-)

    Mystica - yes, 'normal' is a very abstract term living in a rural rectory..!

    Kristen - isn't it the best? She's so funny! Trench in a graveyard... was for electric wiring, and I only had a garden fork to use! Felt like I imagine Hades would feel... and I still have blister scars(!)

    Darlene - and Soph's recipes are so simple in their instructions! Makes me feel I might go wrong a lot...

    Susan - she will be delighted! In fact, she wrote the comment below... only Dad to crumble in the blogging stakes now, but he seems to have resisted so far.

    Mum - yes, where's my bed!!

    Susan D - I'm afraid I can't remember where the picture came from, but I don't think I've been there... however, if my hallway doesn't look like that in 20 years' time, I'll be disappointed...

    Hannah - she is beyond brilliant!


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