Thursday 9 September 2010


It's for times like this that we have the phrase EEKINGTON SQUEAKINGTON!

It arrived today, and once I've finished Villette, there will be no stopping me...


  1. I have never heard of eekington squeakington, but I rather suspect it will be in heavy use now. :)

    I can't wait to read the reviews of this one!

  2. I get to meet Debo (well hear her speak) in November! She's coming to New York for a lecture at the Frick. I feel like I should be getting in line now.

  3. I enjoyed Counting My Chickens and Other Home Thoughts very much. I'll be interested in hearing how this sits with you. I would think Debo would be an interesting speaker. Ah, those Mitfords.

  4. Debo has a special Womans Hour today on Radio 4. (10am incase your not a regular listener!)

  5. What a wonderful book that looks to be - eekington squeekingtons indeed. Looking forward to hearing what you make of it

  6. And are we going to get an etymology on "eekington squeakington?" :) Enjoy!

  7. Oh, Villette, a favorite, first Bronte I ever ead!

  8. Ha! I was just about to post on your fb wall to ask whether you had received this too! Eekington Squeakington, indeed. What a wonderful person Nikki is!

  9. I can't wait! I so loved Counting My Chickens.

  10. Oh, man. That sounds fun! Enjoy :-)

  11. I too am unspeakably or should that be 'unsqueakably?) excited about reading this - the Mitfords are certainly a very rich seam of reading material!!

  12. Oh I am so jealous I am flashing green!

  13. A great month for Mitford fans! Received my copy of the Debo book today, and two new Jessica Mitford books last week:

    Poison Penmanship: the gentle art of muckraking (JM)
    Irrepressible: the life and times of Jessica Mitford (Leslie Brody)

    AND discovered something to watch out for next year (Nov 2011):
    The Horror of Love: Nancy Mitford and Gaston Palewski in Paris and London

    Now to check out the Frick appearance....

  14. Kate - I must confess, the expression does not exist - but it felt appropriate!

    Daniel - Eeeek! I must get to one of her appearances in England.. although I'd be too star struck to say anything.

    lifeonthecuff - I loved Counting My Chickens (though didn't care as much for Home To Roost) - I think I would disagree with Debo on so many things, but that doesn't alter her charm for me. Those Mitfords, indeed!

    Henrietta - thank you SO much for telling me about this, I think you were first, and as you'll have seen I loved it.

    Hannah - It's quite rare that I get excited about a newly published book before it arrives, but this was definitely one I was counting the weeks...

    Karen - I know! And I think I have you to thank for first bringing it to my attention.

    Susan - haha! I think the Oxford English Dictionary are yet to confirm its entry... ;)

    leazwell - I must write on it soon... not my favourite Bronte, I must confess, but I did like the style. more soon!

    Claire - wasn't Nikki the loveliest?! She wrote a really nice note inside mine.

    Nan - I wonder if Debo realises the frenzies she throws us into??

    Aarti - thanks! I definitely will :)

    Alison - I have enough Mitford books to keep me going for months and months! (I love 'unsqueakably'!!)

    Simon - sorrryyyyyyyyyy!

    Brigitte - thanks for the info about that Nancy book, I hadn't heard of that... I realised the other day that (aside from editorial notes) I've not read anything about the Mitfords except their own words - i.e. all letters and autobiog. A whole new world to explore!


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