Monday 13 September 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

spotted over at Shelf Love that it was Book Blogger Appreciation Week - I hear the cry that "Every week is book blogger appreciation week!" Well, yes, I'm sure you'll agree - we book bloggers are pretty fab people. Stylish, suave, and generally brilliant. (Did I ever tell you about the time I offered to carry a bunch of box lids for a woman with a pram, only to immediately drop them all on the floor? I couldn't work out whether pity or disdain showed more clearly in her eyes.)

But, that aside, it's nice to take a step back every now and then and applaud the work that people put into their blogs. So I'm going to be doing some of that this week (and maybe even finishing writing about some more of those novellas I read, you never know.)

To kick things off, please tell me about a book blog you don't think I'll know, but think I'll like. Obviously I know and love so many, but there must be a hundred times more that I don't know. So... let me know!

And (here's the clever bit) I'll be offering a free book to both the person who suggests the new-to-me blog I like best and the blogger they recommend! (But you can't recommend yourself, I'm afraid, and nab two prizes!!)


  1. I think you should check out Confessions of a Real Librarian.

    She not only has great book reviews, but also funny tales about her experiences working in the library.

  2. Hi Simon,
    I think you might like:

  3. Well, this is a tough one, because I think you know everyone I can think of! Do you know Emily at Evening All Afternoon ( I think you'd like her blog--I know I do!

  4. Leeswammes blog is comparatively new - she started a book bloggers abroad feature which highlights fairly unknown bloggers (including myself!) in an interview. The books reviewed are also fairly general in genre and I think this is a very interesting blog.

  5. Simon, I'm sure you will enjoy my friend Erin's blog at She started it only a month or two ago and it is best to start with her first post to understand where she is going with it. It's not all about books although she is a talented Bookseller.

  6. As I told Teresa in her post, my friend Carina has new book blog: She's an awesome person, and the blog's just lovely. :]

    Happy BBAW!

  7. Consider yourself appreciated Simon!

    I very much doubt that I know of any blogs that you don't, but entering into the spirit, I recently stumbled across Telecommuter Talk - - books, music, life - what more can a blog offer?

    Enjoy your week.

  8. You should take a peek at
    written by a husband and wife who read a really wide variety of books. My favourite new find this year.

  9. here's my book blogger recommendation:
    Word Lily at

    honesty, there aren't many that you don't already know plus most that I like I found through your blog

  10. I think you will definitely love Lotus Reads. One of best written blog I have got across till date. She reads amazing books!

  11. I like 20th Century Vox ( and although I can see that it knows you, I am not sure whether you know it so to speak...
    PS - I am now literally desperate to read "Wait for me!"

  12. I don't think I know of a book blog that you don't already know about. :( That's okay, though, as it is bbaw I'll just go ahead and say again, THANK YOU for all the work that goes into your blog -- it's one of my fav afternoon reads. (BTW, I'm reading Ransome's Secret Water to my kids this week and the Walker's mother packed them some rock buns in the basket she left for their first dinner! My kids immediately reminded me that you had posted the recipe and that I haven't gotten to them yet.)

  13. Well it's got books in it and I think you might like it, but it's not really a book weblog:

    Here's one that you might find interesting and is more in tune with your challenge!

  14. I think this is a terrific blog with the same "aesthetic" of many I've discovered from your list:

    Life Must Be Filled Up

  15. Hi, Simon!

    I am the very Erin who Ellen B. commented about. And now, in a way, my blog IS a book blog, because ONE GOOD DEED -- the blog -- has been bought by Abrams Books as one good deed, the book!

    Love your blog, and hoping you'll love mine right back. Once again, it's

  16. Well, it's probably not new to you, but I get the most out of M.A. Orthofer's "The Literary Saloon,", one of the few sites to review and talk news about international literature.


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