Sunday 19 September 2010

Songs for a Sunday

I've been in London for most of the weekend, from Friday afternoon, so no Weekend Miscellany this week - but I thought I would inaugurate Songs for a Sunday. Of course, there is no reason why shared book taste should lead to shared music taste, and I'm sure it won't for many of you - in which case, ignore the ensuing series! But I thought it would be fun to share a beautiful song on Sundays, being the day I usually don't post anything.

So, if you like folk-pop-alternative-easy listening mostly by female artists (which is how I'm going to rather nebulously describe the songs I'll pick) then you might enjoy the Songs for a Sunday. If you don't like that... then just wait for the next day, when the books come back!

Kicking off is my favourite track from Vienna Teng's Inland Territory - 'Antebellum'.


  1. Really lovely. I'll look forward to future Songs for a Sunday picks!

  2. Simon are you into the anti-folk music scene at all?

    I too think you might make Songs for Sunday (or a Tuesday etc,) a regular feature of your always interesting weblog.

  3. I love Vienna Teng, 'Antebellum' is a great song, there's that feel of the coming cold season, quite a soothing song with bits of sadness

  4. Claire - I'm glad you liked it, I was hoping at least one or two people would, and that would make it worth while!

    Peter - I don't think I'm part of any music scene at all! What is an anti-folk music scene? How intriguing!

    Lissa - Perfect description! Kansas is the other song I really love from that album.


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