Friday 12 March 2010

Stuck-in-a-Book's Weekend Miscellany

I'm so pleased that a lot of you enjoyed the review the other day - I'll keep my eye out for similar things in the future, so watch this space...

And it's the weekend again, so time for a book, a blog post, and a link.

1.) The book - is one for those with deep pockets. It's no secret that I love EF Benson's Mapp and Lucia series, and have quite a few of his books which I've yet to read - but what enhances my love for these wonderful six books is (as you'll see if you follow that link back there) the beautiful Folio edition I have of them. My friend Barbara-in-Ludlow originally lent me her set, and I hankered after them for years... eventually finding the set for only £25 in Blackwell's Second Hand Department - possibly the only recorded instance of there being a good value book there. It was indeed a frabjous day, and I'm pleased to report that the Folio Society have reprinted this boxset - which you can see here. The colours have changed a bit, but it still looks wonderful. Thanks so much Helen for bringing this to my attention. Here's the downside... it will set you back £120. Less if you're a Folio Society member, perhaps, but... well, I was lucky enough to find them at a reasonable price, but they're scarce enough and give me more pleasure than almost any other books I have. (I should be working on commission!)

2.) The blog post - is a review by Elaine at Random Jottings. This fits in nicely with the previous post, since Elaine has just read The War Workers by E M Delafield. This was one of my favourite books read in 2008, but I didn't write about it on my blog because it was so difficult to find copies. Now that a POD company is issuing it, it seems fair to point you in its direction! First stop, Elaine's wonderful review.

3.) The link - is not remotely reverent. But is very funny. Anybody familiar with Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart (or, indeed, anybody who isn't) will love this literal interpretation of her music video...


  1. I loved Elaine's post and am so happy to know that the book is readily available!

    The video was hilarious. Can't say I'd ever seen the music video before, which only made it better. That's the way to start the weekend - with "blind possessed choir boys" and many, many mullets.

  2. So pleased to know you love the Mapp & Lucia stories!!

    I came to the books after having viewed the televised series back in '85, I believe. When it was over I just couldn't be finished with them - had to have the books, and was very lucky that a local bookstore had them, all of them.

    Even then, I needed more - & there just would not be any more, given that Benson died in Feb. 1940. But, I did acquire two follow-up stories written by Tom Holt. He may not be Benson, but I found his stories very satisfying: Lucia Triumphant & Lucia in Wartime.

  3. Oh lucky, lucky you for getting the Folio set for a mere 25! I blogged about it last month and I'm still coveting it... I must say that I rather prefer your edition with a different pastel shade for each book.

  4. I'm making wistful cat noises at that Folio set, they are gorgeous...

  5. That Mapp and Lucia set is gorgeous and I am totally envious as I only have a set semi cobbled together (again more OOP books here in the US). Of course I have yet to read them, but I already know I am in for a treat!

  6. Thank you for the link to Elaine's review.

  7. I don't think I've lusted after anything so much as those Mapp and Lucia books!

  8. Oh I must must read Mapp and Lucia at some point I have been saying that I will for ages and ages and then not, I have some of them so I now must.

  9. I have a great desire to read Mapp and Lucia - one day!

    My friend sent me that video a while ago as we love Total Eclipse of the Heart and I started laughing at my desk at work - hilarious!

    Oooh I love E M Delafield - I'm off to read Elaine's review.


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