Sunday 7 March 2010


I am very annoyed with myself. Today I should have been reporting back on Jewish Book Week for the second time, and specifically a talk entitled Celebrating Irene Nemirovsky. Except... for some reason, I was certain that the talk started at 7.30pm. Just managed to get onto the Tube at about 7.10pm, gave the ticket a quick check... and discovered that it started at 6.30pm. Amusingly, I'd written 7pm in my diary. I've probably scribbled down 2.15pm somewhere else, and midnight-under-a-full-moon somewhere else again.

So. Four hour round trip for ten minutes of a talk - which was probably brilliant, I'm afraid I have no idea. It was nice to hear Irene Nemirovsky's daughter Denise speak (albeit briefly, and in French, ably translated by Sandra Smith who also translates Nemirovsky's work) and the journey there gave me the opportunity to read Nemirovsky's David Golder, so I'll blog about that before too long.

Very frustrated with myself - but, even though I didn't hear him talk about it, Oliver Phillipponnat was there in his capacity as Nemirovsky's biographer (with Patrick Lienhart) and I think The Life of Irene Nemirovsky is another to go onto the list...

As well, of course, as a better organisational mind. Tsk.


  1. Oh how frustrating - sorry to hear about that. i have just looked up Irene Nerimovsky and she looks jolly interesting...


  2. Oh no Simon! I'm so sorry to hear that! It does sound like something I would do as well - effective organisation of my time is not my forte! I am disappointed too as I was looking forward to hearing about this talk specifically - I love Irene Nemirovsky and I can't wait to read her biography.

  3. Oh no Simon! Thats so annoying. I was a bit late to the one I went to because i got completely lost but fortunately the author was late too.

    You do know if you need to do these trips with less rush you are always welcome to come and stay in the spare room at Savidge Towers.

  4. That's very kind, Simon! I had to get back for work this time (I know, actually doing some work, goodness!) but will bear in mind for next...


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