Saturday 13 March 2010


Project 24 - #6

Drastically scaling back the number of books I'm allowed to buy in 2010 has meant that the ones I choose are likely to come (and have come so far) in three categories:

  1. They're out of print books which rarely become available, and the opportunity is too good to miss
  2. I've physically been to a great secondhand bookshop and don't want to come away empty-handed...
  3. They're books I've been wanting to buy for years, but couldn't really afford.

My sixth book of 2010 falls in category 3 - The Heirs of Jane Austen: Twentieth-Century Writers of the Comedy of Manners by Rachel R. Mather. This book could have been written with me in mind - it looks at EF Benson, EM Delafield, and Angela Thirkell as (unsurprisingly) the heirs of Jane Austen - two of my absolute favourite authors (EMD and JA), and two I like a lot (EFB and AT) all in the same book together? Wonderful. I have actually read this already, a few years ago - lent by a kind Thirkellite - but knew at some point I'd have to have a copy myself. So, there you are - no.6 has been chosen. (Sorry that I could only find a tiny picture of the book - the cover is too shiny to take a good one with my camera, under electric light.)

Which would take me to the end of March. Except, ahem, another is on its way... and I'm going to Paris at the end of March, and will be visiting the Shakespeare & Co. bookshop. Let's hope April is a lean month...


  1. Oh wow, I've never heard of this one but can absolutely understand why you had to buy it! Can't wait to see a review.

    Shakespeare & Co was awfully tempting when I last visited. However, I physically had to limit myself to one book since I was travelling and couldn't drag a library around with me (if only).

  2. I've read that Benson was an Austen fan before - wonder how it's known?

  3. Oh, my heart rate has jumped on seeing this title! Went even higher when I saw the prices on amazon etc - this one is definitely a saver upper. I will content myself for now with looking to hearing your review.

  4. Dont worry - its a losing battle - I mean the buying books theme. Join the throng and give in gracefully!

  5. Perhaps you can "go lean" in December with Christmas gifts to look forward to, and whatever your birthday month is (unless you're like my poor son whose b-day is also in December) -- those are two months that is it usually easier to forego shopping for myself. ( I put *usually* in that last sentence as an escape clause...) :)

  6. ...two months that IT IS usually easier...
    My fingers have a mind of their own...

  7. Claire - thanks for understanding! I couldn't *not* own this, could I?

    Nancy - good question. Are any of his diaries published? Secret Lives is my next EFB to read... was it you who recommended this one?

    Merenia - I know! Not cheap at all... but maybe a library could get it?

    Mystica - I won't give in, not yet! I'll be strong - or at least stubborn!

    Good idea, Susan! My birthday is in November, but early November, so a *little* distance between it and Christmas... and my friend and I are exchanging books for Easter.

  8. This sounds like fun... I don't want to lead you astray - but have you seen "Dancing with Mr Darcy" which is a collection of short stories inspired by Jane Austen - some of them are really excellent.

    Great post!


  9. I read extracts from this when I was at uni and I thought it was very good. Look forward to your thoughts.


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