Saturday 10 November 2007

To Goring We Will Go

A very fun day had by all today - to celebrate my birthday, and my friend Mel's birthday, we took 15 people off on a Road Trip. Except this trip was by train. We went to Goring, a pretty village in Oxfordshire, had a little ramble and ate an excellent meal in The Bull. This pub was actually in Streatley, over the river, and thus in another county. Gosh, did we travel. Always nice to be in the countryside - though I was slightly chastised for one thing. On an outing with many friends, in part a celebration of my birthday, I still brought a book in my bag... well, for emergencies! Anything could have happened.

Will let you know the scrummy books I got for my birthday another night. Still a few more to wing their way in, actually - I do like protracted birthdays.


  1. Protracted birthdays are the best! My daughter always managed to stretch hers to at least a week. All four of our birthdays are in November - three scorpios (for heavens sake!) and a saggitarius.

    Looking forward to the list of birthday books.

  2. My parents lived in Goring when they were first married so it's a very special place for them.

    My husband and daughter's birthdays are 4 days apart and my daughter's boyfriend's birthday is one day before that .... At least they all had the sense to be born in the summer, unlike my mother whose birthday is 24th December. As if that wasn't enough, she was married on 22nd December.

  3. Happy Birthday! What a delightful thing to do for your birthday ... day tripping with a group of friends. (I never ever go anywhere without a book in my bag - you are absolutely right that anything could happen). Love reading your blog.

  4. Perhaps if you had fallen off the bridge into a large pile of leaves and got your foot stuck down a badger-hole, but been otherwise unharmed, and your friends had decided to all run off and abandon you in a fit of revenge for a lifetime of sarcastic banter, you might then have had an opportunity to read your emergency book. Until about five when it got dark.


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