Tuesday 27 November 2007

Presents and I-Wish Presents!

Thank you Danielle!

You may remember that I recently offered Miss Hargreaves up for a book swap, having happened upon her in a secondhand bookshop in Oxford, and she was sent off over the Atlantic to Danielle. Danielle
has her own blog here, and it is great fun, and very popular. The amount she manages to read and blog about puts me to shame, truly. Anyway, she very kindly reciprocated with not one but two books - here they are:

The Haunted Bookshop and Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morley. I haven't read either of them, but have heard about Morley, and The Haunted Bookshop has been mentioned to me with glee a few times over the years. So glad to have beautiful copies of them, and they've slotted right into the tbr mountain. What with review books, and lovely gifts, and impulse buys, I'm not making the dent in the pile I envisaged for this season... especially since I keep getting lured off on side-tracks. Wait until you hear what I've been reading at the moment...

So, those are the genuine gifts. And what is it I wish I had? Only available in America so far, but...

How could you NOT want this?? Amazon.com, you are too tempting...


  1. I did read Parnassus on Wheels a very long time ago. I cannot now recall the plot, but some scenes stand out vividly, as does the mobile vendor - though in some respects he is a shadowy figure. The whole thing is like a series of mountain peaks rising above a mist. I had all but forgotten about it, but am now enthused to re-read it.
    Dave King

  2. we have to have book-opoly. i suggest a librarian pooling of funds!!

  3. Listen, do I have to pop one in my sack for you - or will you be given one by a friend... or even buy it yourself?
    Oh, and have you been good?
    Father Christmas

  4. I hope you enjoy the Morley books when you get to them! I especially liked that Common Reader edition--it's a pity they are no longer in business as they produced such nice books. And I recently saw that Bookopoly in a catalog--sounds like much more fun than the regular Monopoly!


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