Sunday 25 November 2007

Fame and/or Fortune!

Just spent a very nice weekend at The Carbon Copy's in Bristol, wandering the parks and getting lost, that sort of thing. Since his hair has grown a bit, and mine has been cut (the sketch is not quite accurate anymore) and we both have glasses now (for distance only, not reading, so the sketch is on the ball there) we look more alike than ever. I've missed those lingering 'are-they-twins-or-aren't-they' glances, which we received in bucketloads over the course of two days. The novelty never wears off for me - I love people getting us mixed up, or staring, or commenting. Fun fun. Our Vicar and Our Vicar's Wife also popped up, and we had a first read-through of our Christmas sketch, to be performed at the village show. More on't later...

And now to the FAME. Thanks, Lynne, for bringing this to my attention - I've been mentioned in the Guardian's 'From The Blogs', follow this link and read down a bit. Lynne is mentioned too, I must add. Sorry for sharing my excitement so unsubtly, but it's virgin territory for me, and I get a definite kick out of seeing my name in print. In fact.... I don't know if this is just a web thing, or if it's a copy of the Saturday paper - if the latter, does anyone have a spare copy of the article they could send me?? Shameless, I know, but it *would* be a lovely piece to keep in a scrapbook or something... let me know on and receive my undying gratitude!


  1. How do you feel about being quoted as "spluttering"?!

  2. Oh, good for you ... and if I ever bought newspapers I'd buy the Guardian. It's just that I never do, these days, or you could have had mine ... .

  3. "... it *would* be a lovely piece to keep in a scrapbook or something..."

    Soooo Lucia-like! I love it. Of course you should have a copy and I hope someone comes through for you - wish I could be the one.

    Note for those who have not read of her, it's Lucia - as in Mapp and Lucia - Lucia Smythe Lucas Pilson.

  4. Dark Puss has the relevant page, send me an address and it is yours.


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