Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Just a quick note to say...

...I am still alive!

Still don't have internet access at our new house - was supposed to come yesterday, but trouble at t' mill. Will hopefully right itself soon, and I'll have lots to tell you about!

As a taster, I just finished The O'Sullivan Twins by Enid Blyton... who said Stuck-in-a-Book wasn't a highbrow place to be?


  1. oh that will be a great review! Can't wait!

  2. Yey for Enid Blyton - she caused me to go to boarding school. Hmmm

  3. Hope you get your broadband soon!
    I prefer Malory Towers to the Twins series.

  4. Looking forward to hearing about it. I never actually read it. I was more of a fan of the Famous Five and the St Clare's books.


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