Thursday 8 January 2015

The Castle of Otranto

A quick post, as I've realised I haven't pointed out all my SNB reviews from Issue 3 yet. I went and read The Castle of Otranto, finally; I had thought it was about 800 pages long, but turns out it's only short. It's also ridiculous, but very interesting... more here!


  1. I wonder whether you were thinking of "The Mysteries of Udolpho", which is a long one, or maybe you had the Three Gothic Novels edition which makes them all feel longer than they really are ...

  2. I shudder at the thought of re-reading Pamela, I confess!

  3. It's silly, but fun, isn't it?


  4. I really enjoy reading your blog, it's always so interesting every article you post! Thanks for sharing it!


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