Thursday 29 January 2015

Shiny New Books: Issue 4!

It's here! I got up early this morning to play with menus and links and whatnot, culminating the hard work of our team over the past few months (particularly, as always, the extraordinary Annabel). Annabel, Victoria, Harriet - we've done it! Issue 4 of Shiny New Books is LIVE.

Please do go and enjoy exploring. I'll post more about highlights soon, and will also enjoy exploring myself as (as always) there is plenty that I've not read yet. For starters, do have a go at our book group competition on the homepage where, as is becoming tradition, you can win the editors' favourites from their sections.


  1. Hurrah! Well done. :)

  2. Well done all! Sterling work! :)


  3. Phew! Congratulations all! Looking forward to reading thoroughly and thrilled to see my own review.

  4. Ah, just what I needed. More reading ideas. :^) Thanks, Simon.


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