Tuesday 27 January 2015

A one-link miscellany...

...just because I had to share this fun article about secondhand books.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this, thank you for linking to it Simon.

    EXCEPT: 'If, on the other hand, he (and customers are almost always he) buys a book that his wife will find outrageously expensive by comparison, say, with a pair of shoes, or even a single shoe, he will ask the bookseller to rub out the price' - no no no! I don't know what bookshops he frequents, but a few minutes spent browsing the comments of Stuck-in-a-Book would have shown Mr Dalrymple what an erroneous statement THAT was. There are plenty of female bibliophiles, although the fact that they are sometimes less tweedy than Mr D may have misled him. And enough with the women and shoes trope please. [pauses for breath]

  2. That is an entertaining column. My husband and I enjoy the hunt for books in used book stores, but they no longer seem to have a sound business model, as print books compete with ebooks.


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