Wednesday 1 October 2014

Desert Island Discs

And now I'm going to do this records, since I obviously couldn't resist! As I said before, I certainly have more of a connection to books, and found that task much more heart-rending to decide, but I still love these songs/pieces. (I made the decision not to include audiobooks, as otherwise... well, I'd just have chosen eight audiobooks.)

1. 6am Corner by Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl
I discovered Kathryn Williams in 2004 and she's my favourite singer. This, a track from an album Two she recorded with MacColl, is simply beautiful - so gentle and lovely, and makes me think of spring mornings.

2. Aslan's Theme by Geoffrey Burgon
That is, the theme tune to the BBC series of The Chronicles of Narnia. This tune (besides being so much better than most TV theme tunes) will always remind me of my childhood and make me feel happy.

3. My Song is Love Unknown
As you saw in the previous post!

4. Be Still, For the Presence of the Lord
And this is my second favourite hymn. A moving and lovely hymn.

5. Both Sides Now
I don't really have a reason for this, other than that I love it. Doesn't Joni have a brilliant way with a song? I was a bit conflicted between this and A Case of You, but this won out. And you'll note that I've chosen her 2000 version, which I prefer to the original.

6. Breathe Me by Sia
And a similar reason for this song. I love Sia's voice, and how she communicates emotion so achingly.

7. Rachmaninov — Sonata for cello and piano Op 19 No.3 Andante
I wish I were more appreciative of classical music. It's not for want of trying on my parents' part. But I do love listening to the cello, and I love this. I have Linda Gillard's novel House of Silence to thank for finding out about it.

8. Beloved by Minnie Driver
Again, I just love her voice and the song. I could (and indeed, do) listen to this over and over again and not get tired of it.

You already know my luxury (tea), but which book would I pick? If I were only allowed one, along with Shakespeare and the Bible (as per the show), then it would the Provincial Lady 4-in-1.

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  1. Thanks to you for the past couple of days I've had My Song is Love Unknown stuck in my head. I haven't had a chance to even think about my desert island lists, but I'm jotting it down in my ideas book for when things slow down around here. Thanks for reminding me of the is balm in between my ears when things are too hurried around here!


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