Monday 7 July 2014

Shiny New Books: Issue 2!

It is with excitement, pleasure, and pride that I announce that Issue 2 of Shiny New Books is now live! We have new colours, new images, a new competition, and - most importantly - lots and lots of new reviews and features.

Image borrowed from co-editor Annabel

I'm excited about reading it, because I've only seen the pieces I wrote, edited, or proofread - and there are over 100 posts to read in total. (If you've written for us, or sent a book, we'll be in touch separately - but it might not be immediately, with so many lovely people to contact.)

I'll be pointing towards things I've written over the next few weeks, and some other personal highlights, but for now - go and browse!

Once again, a hearty and affectionate 'thank you' to Annabel, Harriet, and Victoria, my co-editors - and equally hearty apologies that I napped through our Skype appointment yesterday, and final adjustments were thus made later than intended...


  1. It was so funny yesterday when a sleepy Simon appeared, after the three of us went off to do other things like watch the tennis. No worries though - it's all gone rather smoothly (at least on the surface ha ha!)

  2. Yay for us! I still think our relaxed attitude to this one is summed up by the fact that Harriet was only chopping up potatoes, not giving blood..... :) It was still rather exciting to watch it go live!

  3. Congrats - the new issue looks great. Editorial meeting on a Sunday? No wonder you slept through it!

  4. Love the website and the mix of new fiction, non-fiction and re-issues. Keep up the good work and hope the nap was refreshing at least!


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