Tuesday 1 July 2014

Half a Century of Books

Six months in, let's assess where I am with A Century of Books. You may remember that at the three month point I had only read 22, and was a little behind.  Well, at halfway, I have read... 51!  Yes, ironically my Reader's Block meant turning to Agatha Christie, and I can wolf those down in a couple of days, so she filled plenty of places in the century.

Let's take a look decade by decade...

1914-1923: 6
1924-1933: 7
1934-1943: 6
1944-1953: 9
1954-1963: 4
1964-1973: 6
1974-1983: 5
1984-1993: 4
1994-2003: 1
2004-2013: 3

How are you getting on, if you're doing the Century of Books?


  1. Here's my list: http://librofulltime.wordpress.com/about/a-century-of-books/ I've done 17 so far and am reading two at the moment if you count the scary Iris Murdoch "Sartre" one.

    1914-1923: 1
    1924-1933: 1
    1934-1943: 1
    1944-1953: 0
    1954-1963: 1
    1964-1973: 1
    1974-1983: 1
    1984-1993: 1
    1994-2003: 7
    2004-2013: 4

    so an interesting weighting there - but of course at the moment I'm just doing it "naturally" although I have gone out looking for early ones and downloaded some e-books (ones I wanted to read anyway - hooray). I have quite a few on the TBR at the moment:

    1914-1923: 4
    1924-1933: 1
    1934-1943: 3
    1944-1953: 4
    1954-1963: 0
    1964-1973: 0
    1974-1983: 4
    1984-1993: 3
    1994-2003: 1
    2004-2013: 4

    so I can see I'm doing really badly at the mid-century at the moment and when I've read all these, I might just have to start looking around for stuff I might want to read that might have been published then. I'm trying not to have more than one by each author, but I reckon I'm allowed Iris Murdoch's "Sattre" and one novel ...

    I am enjoying it, though - and was thrilled when a random purchase of 4 books the other day yielded 3 new Century years!

  2. Oh gosh - typed "Sartre" incorrectly - if you can edit comments, please edit that one!

  3. Well done Simon - and good old Agatha! I am *not* doing this challenge, but it has spurred me on to actually record the years of the books I read out of curiosity - it will be interesting to see the spread at the end of the year!

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  5. Good show! I'm at an even 50 now. What is currently a bit daunting is that I've only review 35 of those so far. Lots of brief reviews in my future, I suspect.

  6. I have to count up and see where I am halfway through the year! Like Claire, I have a few read and unreviewed as yet, so once those are added in I should look a little better numerically! Enjoying my finds though, so all is good.

  7. I'm nicely at the hallway point, having reviewed 51 years' worth, with some waiting to be discussed. Like Claire, I suspect some of these will be very brief reviews...

    Some years have more than one representative, but I only count the first one in my total - the others are "bonus" reviews, as it were.

    I'm noticing a worrisome theme with a lot of blanks in the later decades (I'm doing 1900 to 1999 for my 100-year term). I had a good time with the early decades, and seem stuck in the 1960s, with loads of double-ups. It may be time for some more deliberate planning regarding filling in those not-so-popular years.

    Here's my breakdown so far:

    1900-1909: 10 (with 7 extra - wow! I was obviously finding this decade a thrill.)
    1910-1919: 4 (plus 1 extra)
    1920-1929: 4 (plus 1 extra)
    1930-1939: 5 (plus 1 extra)
    1940-1949: 9 (plus 6 extra - another good decade)
    1950-1959: 6 (plus 1 extra)
    1960-1969: 6 (plus 5 extra)
    1970-1979: 2
    1980-1989: 1
    1990-1999: 4 (plus 1 extra)


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