Thursday 10 July 2014

Charlotte Mew and Her Friends by Penelope Fitzgerald

46. Charlotte Mew and Her Friends by Penelope Fitzgerald

The first of my reviews I'm going to point towards, over at Shiny New Books, was the most unexpected treat. Indeed, it's going on my 50 Books list - which is coming towards a close now, and that makes me nervous. (What if I read something superlatively brilliant just after putting the 50th book on the list?)

I had thought Penelope Fitzgerald was already represented, as I've loved The Bookshop and At Freddie's - but apparently neither quite made the list. Charlotte Mew and Her Friends is a little more outside the box - being a biography of a turn-of-the-century poet - but has just as wide an appeal, honest. It's one of the few biographies I've read where the subject mattered less than the writer - not ostentatiously in the writing, but in my response to it.

Do head over to my Shiny New Books review for the complete picture...


  1. Make it a 60 book list - obvs! :)

  2. I have only read The Blue Flower, which I thought was brilliant. Thought I would read The Bookshop as my second foray in to Fitzgerald's titles but I will have to keep this one in mind too when I am hankering for some good non-fiction.

  3. I've just read "The Beginning of Spring" which I thought was wonderful. And '"At Freddie's" has an unforgettable last image - pure Mozart.

  4. I am half way through reading Hermione Lee's biography "Pnelope Fitzgerald - A Life" and will be getting into PF's works as soon as I finish.


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