Thursday 8 May 2014

More Muriel

My stream of reading Muriel Spark doesn't look likely to come to an end any time soon - so was just so wonderfully prolific - and the latest one I've read is Territorial Rights (1979), given to me by Virago in their nice new edition, and reviewed over on Shiny New Books.  The copy I read, I will confess to you, was the copy given to me by Hayley after Muriel Spark Reading Week (and I gave the Virago copy to a deserving friend).

It's not in the top two or three Spark novels - or maybe even top ten - but it's still brilliant, with lots of recognisably Sparkian elements. Head on over to my Shiny New Books review to find out more...

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  1. You can never have too much Muriel (and thank you!)


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