Saturday 8 January 2011

Stuck-in-a-Book's Weekend Miscellany

Happy weekend folks, hope you're enjoying 2011 so far! And let's make a pact, shall we, to say twenty-eleven, rather than two-thousand-and-eleven? Ok? 'k.

A fair few links and blog posts for today, as they've been building up for a while...

1.) I love Mary's blog Mrs. Miniver's Daughter, especially this lovely anecdotal post.

2.) John Self, over at Asylum, has written a brilliant and insightful review of Barbara Comyns' exceptionally good and unusual novel Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead - click here to read it. The new edition I mentioned a while ago from Dorothy, A Publishing Project is now out in the US; a copy is winging its way to me. Check out the Book Depository for free worldwide shipping on it...

3.) ...and whi
lst we're on the topic, 'seventydys' (in the comments on the above review) linked to an interview with Danielle Dutton, who founded Dorothy.

4.) The man behind Caustic Cover Critic has set up Whisky Priest publishing, reprinting some of his favourite out-of-print books using a POD publisher - see more here. He uses his expertise to make some really beautiful covers, although I can't say I love the colours on the spines - but, lots of intriguing titles.

5.) And finally... the Oxonian Review have written all about my favourite film from last year, Another Year. Rather more high-falutin' than my own thoughts - and probably rather more well-informed too!


  1. Lol over the first link! During my holiday shopping frenzy my own purse looked more like a trash can than a handbag - I'm always appalled at what I find when I take the time to dump it all out and start over. ;)

  2. Ah yes, the age-old Twenty vs Two Thousand conflict. As if the last(or the penultimate -- another famous conflict) year of 20th c. was ever pronounced "One thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine".

    Thanks for that link to Mrs. M's Daughter. Just what I need, another daily blog fix.

  3. Simon, how kind of you ... and what a surprise to see my name in lights!
    If any of your readers follow the link, they'll be most welcome!

  4. Thank you for the several links. Especially the first one.

  5. I wrote about Whiskey Priest today too, and have the same reservations about the bright blue spines. But I do love the cover designs. And the available titles. And have not seen them up close and personal yet. So I will reserve final judgment on the blue until then.

  6. Susan - haha, what an image! My friend Lorna and I write letters to each, and whenever we write we always list what is in our bags...

    Susan D - I would have preferred twenty-oh-one etc. etc., but it never seemed to happen... since everyone seems to refer to 2012 as twenty-twelve, presumably it'll have to come into effect by then...

    Mary - you're very welcome :) I'm so entertained by the vignettes throughout your blog.

    Mystica - you're welcome :) Do enjoy Mary's blog (and it's incredibly wonderful blog title)

    Frances - been and seen now :) I've got to say, the spines did surprise me, given CCC's incredible taste. Perhaps the POD company only have a limited number of available spine colours? Or perhaps, as you say, it's nicer 'in person', as it were.


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