Sunday 10 October 2010

Song for a Sunday

I first heard Kathryn Williams' music when house-sitting in 2004, and playing the CDs which were lying by the CD player - her album Old Low Light fast became one of my favourites, and along with her other album Little Black Numbers has stayed there. 'Jasmine Hoop' is from the latter album and, although I perhaps like some of her other songs a bit more, this one is beautiful, and has a proper, fancy video:

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  1. I quite liked this song. I can't comment on the video as I was pottering around whilst it was playing. That probably gives my age away somewhat. Pop videos were still in their infancy when I was watching "Top of the Pops" and Saturday morning children's television more than a quarter of a century ago! This may explain why I still think of music as primarily an auditory experience rather than as an audio-visual or multi-media one.

    Keep the Sunday songs coming. Whilst our tastes do not completely overlap, I have a feeling I am more likely to discover something interesting from you than I might elsewhere.

    In return, I heartily recommend the unusual music of Joyshop, which can be enjoyed free here:
    "Unweave, Unravel, Unwind" is beautiful. Better still, I think you might like the very English humour of "Fool with Words".

    Different again, but to my ears no less impressive, is the music of American band "Five for Fighting". The video here is not going to win any awards:
    Never mind the pictures, check out the lyrics. Appropriate for here, or perhaps not, is the verse lamenting how online interaction might be diminishing real social connections:

    Have you read my blog today
    300 million little USAs
    Your doorstep is just a click away
    We'll get together one of the days

  2. You've done it again and introduced me to another lovely singer. Which cd would you recommend for someone new to this singer/songwriter?

  3. Thanks David :) When I'm not in the library, I'll check those out....

    Jennifer Dee - hurray, you like Kathryn! I would recommend starting with either Old Low Light or Little Black Numbers - both brilliant albums. I can never decide which one I like better...


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