Thursday 27 August 2009

Persephone Week: Oh dear

Oh dear. It was all going so well. I went out tonight, and I'm exhausted, so will have to stop at p.120 of Lettice Delmer by Susan Miles... I have failed in my Persephone Reading Week Self-Appointed Challenge! But I never really expected to read one a day, so I'm happy enough to postpone finishing Lettice Delmer until tomorrow, and then probably lingering a few days over a rather longer Persephone title. Or maybe even call it a week, and leave the other one for a couple of weeks' time...

So! You'll just have to wait and see what my response is to my first novel-in-verse. (No, I shan't say - in my best German accent - vell, it could have been verse)

And tomorrow I am going home to Somerset for a week and a bit - which will be lovely, and although my plan was to not take any books, and rely on the ones I've got at home, it doesn't seem to have quite worked that way when I packed...


  1. I look forward to hearing what you think of Lettice Delmer, Simon. I failed in my challenge of one book a day today also but I still have 90 minutes... Hee. I also plan to leisurely read some others in a couple of weeks.

    Enjoy your week in Somerset and the books that you have passed.

  2. I haven't read Lettice Delmer. Good luck with finishing your Persephone week :)

    Is there any chance I could borrow that other Ashton you mentioned sometime? I wasn't going to ask in case it wasn't in Oxford, but if you're going home...

    I'm not at work until 17th again though, either at college or the Bod.

  3. I thought it was a tall order - that's why I only promised to bake! The cake awaits your camera - and your plate!

  4. That was a funny post. One Persephone a day was always going to be tough, especially since so many of their books are best when read slowly (or is that just me?)
    Enjoy your week in Somerset, I look forward to hearing what you think of Lettice Delmer


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