Thursday 20 August 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Always confusing (to me at least) when I post twice in one day - don't miss the wonderful excerpts from EM Delafield's As Others Hear Us in the post below.

This is just a quick update, partly squeaking with joy, partly wondering who else is squeaking with joy... This morning I got a couple emails from the people at Book Blogger Appreciation Week (which is taking place between September 14th-18th) saying that I'd been nominated in four categories. Nominated, not shortlisted (the shortlists are released in early September) but I'm excited nonetheless(!)

So, I'm nominated for:
Best Literary Fiction Blog
Most Eclectic Taste (this is the one I really want to be shortlisted for!)
Best Writing
Best Reviews

UPDATE: also now -
Best Blog Name
Most Prolific Blogger

Thank you so much anyone who voted for me, I'll let you know when the shortlists are up, especially if I've made it through to that round... but mostly I wanted to find out if anybody else has been contacted about nominations? I know I voted for nearly everyone in my blog list, so hopefully...

I've had to send off links to five posts for each of those nominations, trying to choose suitable ones for the category, but which are representative of Stuck-in-a-Book... tricky! In the end it was a bit arbitrary...

So, please, tell me if you've been nominated! Or what you're intending to do for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I have a few plans up my sleeve...


  1. Congratulations, Simon!
    I have been nominated for Best New Blog and Best Writing and I am beyond thrilled. Apparently I am in great company for the second nomination :).
    Good luck!

  2. That's wonderful news Simon and so highly deserved! I've received two nominations myself, Best New Blog and Most Eclectic Taste! So there I was telling my daughter that it was just an honour to be nominated - cue the Oscar music:). Best of luck, I'm thrilled for you. (Glad my votes counted, you can send one of your sponges on the next BA flight to Canada please!)

  3. Well done both! Darlene, I nominated you in Best New Blog. Paperback Reader I definitely nominated you in a couple of categories, but I can't remember which...

  4. Oh Simon, thank you so much! That means quite a lot coming from you:)


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