Monday, 20 July 2009

My School Book Club

At Stuck-in-a-Book I'm always happy to share exciting initiatives, and when Lucy emailed me about a new scheme for schools to run book clubs. I've copied and pasted the press release that she emailed - I'm all for anything which encourages children to read (more on that this week - some children's books I've been meaning to write about for ages, and also the latest Harry Potter film to discuss, which has sent me off on a Harry Potter re-read).

‘The best new idea in school book clubs for years’ – Michael Morpurgo

My School Book Club is an innovative new literary initiative that benefits children, parents and schools.

The My School Book Club project represents the 21st century evolution of the familiar school book club concept. This new online service provides children with an engaging interactive literary community, offers parents direct access to a wide range of quality assured and competitively priced titles, whilst also delivering a significant new revenue stream for schools.

My School Book Club offers free registration and the development of a personalised school book club website. The site is free to run and is automatically updated each month with new titles. Significantly, the school earns 20% of the value of each purchase through its My School Book Club site in redeemable book vouchers.

For Parents...

My School Book Club offers a hassle-free, online book club service. The books are competitively priced, with discounts of up to 50% off the most popular titles, and quality-assured, with each title individually selected by a panel of experienced literacy professionals and leading children’s authors. The books, which include perennially popular classics and the latest works from contemporary authors, are divided into categories covering Baby and Toddler to Age 9 and Upwards, with Pocket Money books for as little as 99p and Graphic Novels for less confident readers. The service allows parents to actively participate in the literary development of their child, whilst also providing the opportunity to enhance the literary environment of their school.

For Children...

My School Book Club presents a child-friendly, interactive literary community aimed at engaging children with books and reading. Each site includes downloadable audio and video clips, informative and entertaining articles on all aspects of reading and literature, competitions, access to signed copies from popular authors and illustrators and a range of carefully vetted literary links.

‘A brilliant way of accessing 60 fantastic titles each month’ – Jacqueline Wilson

The Founder

My School Book Club is the brainchild of David Teale, who founded the hugely successful Red House Children’s Book Club in 1979. He has four daughters and six grand-children and is available for interview and comment.

For further information please visit or contact Digby Halsbyat Flint Public Relations on or 0207 224 8191


  1. this looks like a wonderful idea (although probably not available in the US -- I tried to access the link, but it wouldn't load: maybe they're getting a lot of traffic, which is a good reason for a link not to load, I think). I've noticed that Scholastic Books, which runs the book order business in American schools has an incredible amount of junk, so much so that it's hard to find the real books!

    Thanks for the link -- I'll give it another try a little later this afternoon.

  2. I always enjoyed to have my own bookshelves at home. I'm happy to see that more people are doing so, and love reading.


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