Monday 13 July 2009

How nice

Verity (at The B Files - see my links, now ordered without the definite and indefinite articles, you can tell I'm back in the Bodleian) just emailed me this link. The good people of Cision, whoever they may be, have placed me in at no.10 on their Top Ten Book Blogs. Apparently it's based on visitor traffic, searches, and mentions on other websites - as well as their 'in-house expertise' (which sounds frankly daunting). Thank you very much, Cision!

I'm in good company, with Juxtabook, Farm Lane Books and Dovegreyreader also in the top ten. I don't really know who the others are, but lots to investigate...

... I'm just sorry the first thing they saw, whilst expecting something worthy of literary accolades, was a slanty window. Oh well. Even Jane Austen can't have been brilliant *all* the time.


  1. :) thanks for the link.

    I saw the list courtesy of Jackie at Farmlanebooks on twitter. I'd only also come across the ones you list (well, apart from the Guardian obviously), and I was interested to see what generates interest.

  2. Anything on Saki that you can recommend for the reading public ??

  3. Congratulations!

    I'm wishing I had more worthy posts at the top to greet my new influx of visitors too!

  4. Well done, Simon. Good to see recognition for four of the book blogs I follow regularly - the other three being the same ones you mention.

    So you're back at the Bodleian are you? Any news on your doctoral funding bid? Back in the last century (!), my successful bid for British Academy funding to do a taught MA did not come through until two weeks before the course started. As a result I didn't get accommodation sorted until half way throught the first term which was rather inconvenient. I hope you don't have to wait too long to find out.

  5. Hello-


    In my opinion you should be at the top of the list.

    Your blog is witty, original, fresh, opinionated, intellectual (in the best sense), and it takes readers into new territories, ideas, and adventures.

    Here's to new books, old books, all books. And your great blog.
    I'm the author of 20 design books (see them at, a Blogger/Google site) You are on my carefully curated list of 'favorite blogs'.
    Cheers...and next year you will Number 1.

  6. Well done Simon!! Diane is right, next year you'll be top!



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