Friday, 27 February 2009

A little quiz

Firstly, for those looking out for daily updates on Miss Hargreaves and the rest of the Bloomsbury Group from Bloomsbury - click here to see the Miss H page with added cover image and review section (and see who is in the review section!) Searching for 'Bloomsbury Group' will get you the rest of the novels.

And the little quiz was one Ruth posted on her blog - click here - which tests how well you recognise Biblical quotations used in literature. I thought, since books and The Book are the topics I know most about, I'd d
o pretty well... turns out, no. Just six out of ten. Go on, do better than me.

I emailed this to Our Vicar and Our Vicar's Wife, who've yet to respond. Don't know whom my money's on. OV might know more about the Bible, but I suspect OVW has read more of the books in question...


  1. That's a tough quiz! I thought I would have done better than I did too. I got seven.

  2. I love the covers of the Bloomsbury Group books, Simon, & your quote will be prominently displayed on the cover, I hope? Why didn't they ask you to write an introduction? Can't wait for the Dennys & Stevenson too. I am DEFINITELY going to read Miss H before the reprint comes out. I'm taking her from the tbr pile by my desk to the table by my reading chair right now.

  3. I think this series is so cool and am really excited about it. Some of them are listed on and the Baker book page has your quote quite prominently displayed. You'll have to check it out--you're famous now. Love the cover. And I too need to read Miss H this year, too!

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  5. I got 7/10... would have got 8 if I'd looked at all the options for East of Eden, as I knew that one.

  6. 8/10! Not bad for a heathen. But then, I've always been good at multiple choice.


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