Tuesday 10 February 2009

E revealed

Well done everyone, lots of good guesses, and mostly right.

Starting in the top left...

Epiphany (though Egypt was a good guess... OV and OVW have an Epiphany party every year)

Envelopes - not the most exciting things in the world, perhaps, but the restriction of Es made me think outside the box, and I realised how much I like tissue-lined envelopes. Well, I do have a catalogue from the gloriously named World of Envelopes somewhere.

Enid Blyton - I read little else for years

Eeyore - Shepard's drawings just enhance this wonderful character. The meeting of Milne and Shepard make him the finest gloomy character in all of fiction.

Emperor Penguin - and ain't this baby one adorable?

E.M. Delafield - looking remarkably like a pilot

Easter - Hallelujah!

Escalier - yes, French, but I love staircases too much to miss them out.

Eckington - this photograph is from www.eckington.info - the village I grew up in, and a very beautiful place, as well as one which will always be dear to me

Elizabeth II - I managed to offend my housemate the other day by saying I'd save the Queen's life over hers. I am her subject...

That was quite difficult. Hopefully those I hand over to will have an easier task! Do ask for a letter if you haven't already - here are letters picked from my Scrabble bag for those who've asked already. Do put a link to your blog in the comments when you've accepted the challenge!

Evie - you have T

Bookishnyc - D for you

OhSoVintage - joining me in the realm of vowels, with A

Overdue - so are you, as you get O

Rosie - have fun with G



  1. I've tried my hand at "D" ....forgive the amateur photography!

  2. This was much harder than I expected. I have excluded anything beginning with "the".

    1. Truman Capote: one of my favourite authors. I love the controversial In Cold Blood and have read and loved most of what he's written.

    2. Tulips: My favourite flowers, tulips are perfection itself.

    3. Thunderstorms: As long as I'm safe and warm inside my house, thunderstorms make me happy. In Sydney, a thunderstorm at the end of a hot Summer's day, signifies a lovely cool change.

    4. Terriers: Fox, Jack Russell, Maltese, Scottish, Silky, Yorkshire etc. One of my favourite kind of dogs (my parents have two terriers). They're little but they have big hearts.

    5. Thai Food: I love the curries, coconut milk and fresh ingredients of Thai Food.

    8. T-shirts: They're so comfy.

    9. Thoroughbreds: I loves horses and these are possibly the most beautiful horses on the planet.

    10. Tiramisu: I love coffee, I love cake, therefore I love Tiramisu.

  3. I have somehow managed to leave out 6 and 7.

    6. Thoroughbred: I love horses and these are some of the most beautiful horses in the world.

    7. Tortillas: I love them with avocado or guacamole, beef or chicken, salsa, cheddar and sour cream.

  4. Vowels are tough! But I've done my best...

  5. Thankyou for my A. I found it quite difficult but have posted my attempt.

  6. Managed it at last, though minus pictures!


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