Tuesday 20 May 2008

Working my way back...

Thanks everyone! You've really encouraged me, and showed me the right thing to do when in the midst of readers' block. First of all, I'm ignoring all the books I should be reading (sorry people who've sent books for review, they will be read, but this is a medical emergency) and... out comes the Provincial Lady. I wanted to turn to this a few days ago, but thought I couldn't sidetrack myself from the review books - and then realised how silly it was that reading had become a chore. So, a couple of days are going to be taken out, and EM Delafield is coming with me.

I wrote about this collection of four books quite a while ago, and it is still a worthy contender for my favourite book. Funny on every page, warm, witty, touching and a book into which I can really sink my toes (as opposed to my teeth). Like a long bath, and Step One on defeating The Block.

Bear with me...
And, by the by, yesterday's inspiring post was no.300!


  1. oooh, do you have the provinical lady on speaking book? can i borrow? or is it only on tape?!

  2. A wise choice, I think! Hope the block disappears soon, but you may as well enjoy it while you've got it, and the PL is such good company.

  3. Must read this, must read this...


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