Wednesday 28 May 2008


Well, some more sketches are now up and linked in yesterday's post, but there is still some way to go! Takes quite a while, though, and I'm not feeling 100%, so shall finish the job another day. Hope it proves an interesting, if slightly baffling, reference!

Finished Pride and Prejudice this evening (a re-read) and delighted in every page. I read it in 2001, and not since, so it has been a pleasure only heightened by anticipation. Of course, having re-read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility this year, the danger is that Emma is just around the corner... and I really must give Persuasion another go. Though I've been told I'm probably not old enough yet to appreciate it... well, I'm only going to get older!


  1. Well I'm at least twice your age so I'm definitely old enough. maybe I should read it for you. I have reread any JA in about a million years.

  2. I can feel a serious Jane-Fest coming on. I've got all the books, got the collected letters, got the biography and got her nephew's recollections. I have been watching film versions all year with just Northanger Abbey to go to finish that project so it's time to settle down to some reading. Can't wait!

  3. You really should read Persuasion, it's wonderful! I've not read any Jane for a while now, I think I should.

    Also - read your post on the great HP - damn you! I'm at work and just reading the words 'dobby' and 'death' have caused me to well up like a fool. I remember crying over Peter's death too (the way it happened) and not being able to explain why to my mother!

  4. I love re-reading books and always enjoy Jane Austen re-reads. I also enjoyed Persuasion very much when 18 so age is not necessarily a barrier - though it does take a bit longer to get into than the others.

    My favourite re-read is Middlemarch though I didn't enjoy it as much first time round as I did Austen, but it just gets better now, each time.

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  6. I'm catching up after a cross-country move, and wanted to encourage you on Persuasion. It's a little quieter than P&P and a little less overtly laugh-out-loud funny, but it's my second favorite of JA's. I absolutely love it. And it is funny, too.

    Now, the one I don't like is Emma. I ought to go back and re-read that one, to be convinced...


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