Thursday 30 August 2007

Balloons! Fireworks! Piles of half-packed boxes!

I've never used Flickr before, but I thought today was momentous enough to warrant it. In case the above pictures prove to subtle, this is post no.100 on Stuck-in-a-Book. It was rather a rash decision, to start a blog and enter the book blogging community while in the middle of revision for finals, but it didn't prove too great a distraction. Plus, there were even more people to cheer me along through the exams - and to wish me well, I hope, as I leave home... for now... (hope the parentals don't read that bit). This will be the last blog entry before I go back to Oxford, and you must forgive me if I'm away for a few days, as it might take a while to sort out the internet connection in Regent Street, Oxford.

Today's trip to Bristol was nice - The Carbon Copy's new abode is an enormous house, shared with a fair few others, and very beautiful, if a little dusty - but sadly Our Vicar's Wife and I were unable to locate the Bookbarn on the way back. The lack of any precise knowledge as to its whereabouts, alongside my complete inability to read a map, and OVW's... actually, she can't really be held to blame for any of it. But don't tell her I said so. Anyway, this leaves me with rather more money and rather fewer books than intended.

Have sidelined Deceived With Kindness for now, and reading a 1933 play called The Brontes (give or take an accent). Guess what it's about. Will report back later, but rather anticipate my review being somewhat scathing...

So, cracking open the champagne to 100 posts; here's to 100 more. And then some.


  1. The blog is looking well for its age. What a memorable number to hit just as you embark on the next stage in your life. LIFE BEGINS AT 100!

  2. Much applause and pats on back for the first 100 posts. Settling into our seats ready to enjoy the next lot!

  3. Midsomer Norton Simon, then White Cross but it is a sneaky turning and in a way I'm pleased you couldn't find it because I haven't been in ages and it does mean there'll be some books left on the shelves:-)But did you know there's an even bigger one right in Bristol itself? You didn't? Drat, me and my big typing fingers!

  4. Congrats on your 100th post! And good luck on your return to Oxford. Looking forward to the next 100 posts.

  5. Dear Dovegreyreader
    this is OVW writing - yes, we know the one at Farrington Guerney. It was the Brislington (Bristol)version we couldn't find - and the traffic was AWFUL! Tempers were short - mine being the shorter of the two. Simon was very generous to me - I am fair-to-middling unreasonable when stuck behind the steering wheel on a hot day and with no idea where I am!
    Mind you, if he had boght any more books I think the car suspension would have broken when I drove him to Oxford to start his new job:)


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