Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Ahhhhh........ don't you just love reading?


  1. Sheesh--look at all those Shakespeares. Did you read them all in one go? Is this your list of books finished? Mine is not so neat!

  2. This is rather scarily impressive. Wish I was so well organised.

  3. Ah, Danielle - only because I was studying my Shakespeare module the next term! What made it even more fun was that I was in the Philippines in the entire time I was trying to read them, generally on rickety Jeepneys (google it...)

  4. What wonderful lists, and what beautiful handwriting. And I was reading your blog archive yesterday and saw that you got a First, you perfectly brilliant person.

  5. Hello. Just found your blog through DoveGreyReader, and was reading lots of old posts.

    I want one of those books so badly! Where did you get it? I'm a fellow Oxford Dweller so if it's somewhere local all the better...


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