Wednesday 2 May 2007

Self-made Man

I'm sure all of you who keep blogs have come across this quandary. You want to write an entry, but just... not a lot to say today. Haven't read much interesting lately; spent most of the day doing routine tasks; didn't meet any celebrities or alien life forms. And then you sit down in front of the computer screen, and think... I have an audience out there to entertain. They want a bit of an anecdote, a pic or two, and some tips as to the next Booker prize winner. Well, yes, mostly we visitors to blogs just want to share a little of the blogger's world. Sit on the sofa, drink a cuppa, scan the bookshelves. But let me tell you, it's a little different when it comes to cartoons. I love doing 'em, but nobody would appreciate looking at a blank piece of paper.

There. Not very interesting is it? So now I need ideas... Or... Hmm. Maybe I'll just let Stuck In A Book
himself give it a shot. Cartoon, invent yourself.It's a start. I spy definite facial features. Funny how the nose always comes first...


And there he is, or rather I am. Even holding a pencil, ready to do some sketching or so forth. Happy little smile; tousled hair; a bit of stubble to make sure I look male. All is well.

But wait... what is that on the other end of
the pencil?

d Don't know why the writing has gone underlined, but mine is not to reason why. Perhaps in protest at what poor Stuck in a Book is doing to himself...


  1. Heh Scarface, when I said "I want dat Stuckina rubbed out" dat's not xactly what I meant!

  2. You have succeeded in entertaining me. Thanks!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... revision?

  4. Just realised, these pictures may be all over the place - I think it depends what definition screen you're using, or some such. I'm on a different one to normal right now, and it's crazy...


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