Friday 11 May 2007

Booking Through Thursday

Oh dear, I think it may have just swung past Thursday and into Friday. But I shan't let that deter me from my post. Via Danielle, I think, I came across a great little website called 'Booking Through Thursday'. The premise is: we bloggers get a bit of a day off from thinking. Instead of pondering the bookish direction any particular post will take, the good people of BTT have done the thinking for us. I answer the question, and await others to do the same in the comments - everyone's happy. I've only just noticed the website, but it's been going on steadily for quite a while, and provides diverse and intriguing approaches to bookishness. And hopefully I'll be able to tack on an apposite sketch.

This week: where DON'T you read? (the previous week was 'do you R.I.P.? i.e. read in public - and obviously everyone did!)

So... where don't I read. Well, there
certainly aren't any places I'd be too ashamed to read - but there are some places it's not practical to whip out a novel. Church, say, or a tutorial. Have done it in lectures before now, when they got too tedious. Not at a birthday party, though might at a regular dinner party; not during Neighbours... And not at the dentist. You?


  1. Reading your post made me realise how much I miss first year lectures - hundreds of students and little chance of anyone spotting a novel spread out on top of my notebook. But final year classes are way too small for me to try that anymore (although I still have hopes of being able to pull off smuggling a book into a long lab class).

  2. My former dentst would often chat with me about books while she was sticking things in my mouth and poking around. It was often a one-sided conversation, but it helped pass the time since I had to be there anyway.

  3. I find that having a book along at the dentist's helps me get through those unending minutes of the fluoride treatment when the little suction gizzy is driving me crazy.

  4. I wouldn't read a book during an exam, or at the circus. Especially if I were performing.


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