Sunday, 21 August 2011

Song for a Sunday

Sit back and enjoy Charlotte Martin's beautiful cover of 'Wild Horses'.
No correct guesses on the upcoming book for review, from yesterday's clues!

Have a great weekend - mine will involve a lot of scones.


  1. Lovely Song! Will your book review be Muriel Spark, 'Memento Mori'?

  2. I am glad someone has come up with this answer. I only got as far as "Here Lies" and have been puzzling what D Parker could have to do with a matchbox!

  3. Nice song. I can always count on you to have found a song/artist I am not familiar with... Thanks, and pls eat a scone for me. Big shortage of them in TX.


  4. Terri - well identified!

    AnnP - haha! I do have Here Lies on my shelf somewhere, actually. I think I even got as far as p.2 once.

    Liz - I ate two scones and two cakes in the end! Glad you enjoyed the song.


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