Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Right, this time I really am off on holiday, to Shropshire and Wales sans internet, sans everything. See you in a week's time!


  1. Have a wonderful holiday Simon
    Happy reading
    Helen x

  2. have a great time but don't catch a chill if you really are going "sans everything"

  3. If you haven't spotted it already, here's a treat for your return. Vintage are reissuing quite a few of Stella Gibbons' other novels

    More to add to the waiting pile ...

  4. Well, I've only just posted a piece called 'Stunners in Trousers' and I come here to find a stunner in shorts ;-)
    Enjoy your break in wonderful Wales and stunning Shropshire! Jane Gray

  5. Have a lovely time.

    See you when you get back with lots of reading done.

  6. Have a great week, Simon. No doubt you'll get through lots of books, ready to tell us all about them. Hope it is really relaxing.

  7. Have a great break Simon, look out for my Mother in Shropshire, thats where she lives. Hope you get lots of lovely reading done and have all sorts of thoughts and photo's to share.

  8. Hope you're having a great week, Simon!

  9. You take a lot of holidays don't you ?? :-)

  10. Haste ye back, Simon.

    I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from the lack of posts....

    I'm definitely a new but devoted reader!



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