Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I'm back!... and your advice, please.

Hi everyone - I'm back from my holidays, which were fun - some photos soon, and reports on my (fairly limited) reading. The last four books I've read have all been over 400pp., so I'm not rattling through them as I usually would on holiday. Here's one photo to be going on with (all these years with no photos of me on here, and now you're spoilt with three in the space of a few weeks... maybe this means I'm getting more confident!) This is me, weary and wet and wholly inadequately dressed, at the top of misty Snowdon.

But, before I do any recapping (and of COURSE there will be a post on my new purchases) I'd like your advice... my camera gave up the ghost on holiday, after having survived a respectable six years. Could you help me with advice for buying a new digital camera? I don't want anything too fancy, but reliable would be nice, and with good close-up focus thingummy...


  1. I'm afraid I can't help with the camera puchase...in fact I'll be breathlessly watching this space hoping to take advantage of the advice myself. But I do love that picture---so quintessentially "Wet Holiday"-ish!

  2. Glad you're back and had a good trip! Email coming regarding cameras.

  3. Welcome back Simon! Hope you had a lovely time. Camera wise I have a Canon Powershot SX210 and it's great - excellent picture quality, very good zoom, does videos and has all the different modes you need to take pictures at night etc - it's also very sturdy and the memory card can have 5000 pictures on it. I love it! Here's the link on amazon:
    It's not super cheap but it really does the job and nearly two years on it's still in perfect condition.

  4. The camera I have might be a bit too *serious*, but if you get into photog, it's very hard to take a bad pic... I have a Canon Rebel Xti. Highly recommend it, but it's not one you can just shove into your pocket...

    Depends on your goals, really...

    And the pic at the top of Snowden was great... Reminds me of our old summer holidays when I was in UK at school... Rain! :-)

    Welcome home!

  5. Mine's a CANON Ixus 9515

    see http://www.amazon.co.uk/Canon-Digital-IXUS-95-Camera/dp/B001T9NH5G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1313521183&sr=8-1

  6. Mine camera is also a Canon, a PowerShot S90 and it is great: compact, excellent picture quality and long battery life and importantly, no delay. My last digital camera was a different brand and there was a slight delay before it captured a photo which was fine if everything was posed or set up, but hopeless if you were were trying to photograph something outside as it happened.

  7. Feel free to try mine out! It's a canon something, and I've had it two years without quite working out how to do everything on it...

  8. Simon, Rachel has the samecamera as I do (the one I linked to on Facebook). Not cheap but it does the job extremely well.


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