Saturday, 27 November 2010

Stuck-in-a-Book's Weekend Miscellany

December approaches, and perhaps you have snow in your part of the world... none here in Oxford, but maybe before next week... I'm heading off for a nice early night, but will type this out to appear early on Saturday morning.

1.) The link - is courtesy of The Dabbler, where you can win a copy of the Christmas edition of Slightly Foxed - click here to enter, if you know your Christmas literary trivia.

2.) The blog post - is Harriet Devine's, because this amused me...

3.) The book - is the Persephone Ninety Diary, which Nicola Beauman very kindly gave me as a birthday present. It's beautiful - like the Persephone books, but with a more flexible spine, and has pages with the endpapers from all the Persephone books, alongside the diary pages. The question is, of course... is it too beautiful to use? I haven't made my mind up on that just yet...


  1. How kind of Nicola. The Persephone Ninety is a thing of beauty but I think that I WILL use it - it seems wrong not up use it got its intended purpose, whilst also continually admiring it...

  2. Oh, I was giggling when I read Harriet's post -- in sympathy, of course, as one who has done the same thing. And, I'm wondering the same thing about the Persephone calendar book. Have a great weekend!

  3. can you share it to me?lol wow how nice of her. Great weekend

  4. I'm much encouraged to hear that others have had the same experience! And yes, do use the diary. I've made the mistake in the past of thinking them too nice to use, but it will be even nicer when you can read it back in a few years and think of all those things, nice and nasty, that happened and that you had long forgotten.

  5. Slightly off-topic, save only that it comes nicely under the adjective "miscellaneous", but I am inviting suggested theme(s) for my Christmas book quiz ... Any ideas?

  6. I have been looking for the perfect diary for next year. But I agree that it might look so perfect that I'd be afraid to use it.

  7. You must use the diary! And you'll get all the more enjoyment from seeing it every day. I am tempted to buy one myself....

  8. Oh, I'm sure it will be even nicer if you DO use it. You can fully enjoy each week throughout the year.

    Besides, what else would you do with it but use it?

  9. I bought my Persephone 90 just to see all the endpapers! I love all the quotes from each book, it's making it even harder to decide which ones to read first. I don't know if I can bear to mark it up with my terrible handwriting.


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