Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Gifts and Prizes!

A book I forgot to mention the other day, in amongst my haul, is Aloe by Katherine Mansfield, kindly given to me as a birthday present from Claire, known to the blogging world as Paperback Reader. (I still have two other birthday presents to mention, but they're also going to get posts of their own...) Thanks Claire! I think this completes my collection of Mansfield fiction - now I just have to get her letters... I only have the selected letters at the moment.

And the other thing I must do is hand out the prizes for Pillars of the Earth DVD. Thanks for all your fab ideas for film adaptations - either ones which have never been done, or ones which deserve revisiting (and isn't it frustrating when you've loved a book, and see it was filmed in 1930something, not released on DVD, and like as not had the reels destroyed?)

Congratulations to.... Lucy Evans and Janells!
Let me know your addresses (well, I know Lucy's...) and the DVDs will be on their way to you!


  1. Thank you for the mention, Simon. I do so love Katherine Mansfield.


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