Saturday, 13 November 2010

Stuck-in-a-Book's Weekend Miscellany

Thanks everyone for the welcome back - it's nice to be blogging again, even if I seem to be lingering with a cough that won't be away... and my eyes not quite up to reading much yet, so I'm quite behind in those stakes too. Oh well...
let's have a weekend miscellany to cheer ourselves up, eh?

Oh, and the above picture is the park at the end of my road, from the other day. I looked out the window and the mist was amazing. The jogger appeared after I clicked to take the picture, but I quite like his mysterious inclusion...

1.) The book - is Nella Last in the 1950s, which Profile Books kindly sent me, after seeing my rave review of Nella Last's War. They also accepted my cheeky plea for Nella Last's Peace, the book covering the period between these books. Although I finished Nella Last's War back in February, it's still my favourite book read this year - can't wait to read the next two.

2.) The blog post - is Becky's lovely review of Miss Hargreaves, which is just as enthusiastic as I could wish!

3.) The link - is to The Persephone Post which, with the entry for 12th November, has shown off Our Vicar's Wife's photography skills! And do keep visiting Mum's blog for more news from the South West, not least the activities of lovely Sherpa.


  1. I really like that photo. The unexpected jogger makes it even better.

  2. Nice photo with all that mist!

    I am reading Effie : a Victorian scandal - this period I love to read about and another scandal set in another era Thalassa Ali's A Beggar at the Gate - set in colonial times English girl, local man!

  3. I just bought Miss Hargreaves, I keep reading about it in the blogosphere. Might be a good comfort read as I'm suffering from a nasty ear infection. But I'm glad you're getting better.

  4. Love both the pics -- you and your mom's. :)

  5. Great photo. Have to admit that I had never visited the Persephone blog before today but it is so cool!! Thanks for sharing the link Simon.


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