Monday, 14 September 2009

Miss Hargreaves Prize Draw

Just to point out, in case you haven't managed to get all the way through the previous post - two copies of Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker are up for grabs - just comment on the post below. A runner-up will get a set of Bloomsbury Group bookmarks, matching Miss Hargreaves and four of the others in the series - if you already have the novel, just say, and I'll only put you in for the bookmarks.


  1. Yes please to the draw for the bookmarks! Thanks Simon.

  2. You make the books sound so wonderful-of course I would love to read them.Please put my name into the hat!

  3. I'm a bit confused about the method of "comment." I left my comment yesterday, later checked to see if it was there. It was, along with five or six others(including several, like mine, that asked about delivery outside the UK). Now I see only comments from Darlene and margaret46--both made today (9/14). Where are the previous comments? Did I fail to do something to complete the process? (I don't think so since my comment was listed an hour or so after I posted it.) A mystery to me! In any case, I'd love a copy of the books.

  4. Like Linda, I posted on Sunday night too, but it looks like it didn't go through the system correctly. Anyhoo...please include me int he draw for the books and the bookmarks. I've been dithering over buying the Hargreaves books for a while now, especially after reading your reviews.

  5. Worry not! They are both received - comments were on the previous post, the review of Miss H.

  6. Please put my name into the hat. Thank you.


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