Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Do You Want to be a Librarian?

Don't forget to put your name in the draw to win a copy of Miss Hargreaves - I'll do the draw on Friday - but for now there is something rather wonderful to watch... (see above)

Isn't this fantastic? Don't you all want to be librarians now? As a Bodleian employee (now and then) I only wish that Oxford's premier library would get film something similar. I especially love how the people on telephones don't answer the questions asked, or show any sign that they've heard the questions at all.


  1. Wow ... that was quite a film! What an amusing find.

  2. :( it didn't work on my computer...ah well, I suppose I AM a librarian anyway.

  3. Brilliant. I would quite like to be a librarian. I am thinking of volunteering at a local charity bookshop, the only thing is I may buy up all the stock.

  4. Books!... Are they your friends?
    Librarians don't need to like people, surely! They need to have contempt for them!
    Is this better than your tour?
    Noooo to that customer who asked the ridiculous question I got asked at Blackwells! 'I don't know the author or the title, but the cover is blue...' I fail to believe any librarian could (or would) help this hopeless person.

  5. Fantabulous. :). Have you seen this: http://shop.cafepress.co.uk/design/4271118


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