Monday, 24 November 2008

Choices choices

Another sleepy evening, and so another little poll. I'm quite intrigued by the results for this one... imagine you could only keep one: Art or Music?

and yes I know music is an art, but you know what I mean...

sponses in the comments, please, and we'll see which wins out!


  1. That is like asking me to choose between Judi Dench and Maggie Smith (and you know how hard that was for me)!
    I think I will have to choose .... Music. And now I'm going to cry over the loss of all those wonderful paintings!

  2. Music - on the grounds that I can sing but can't draw!

  3. Peter the Flautist25 November 2008 at 11:56

    Music, especially as it is the only one of the two I have any (limited)talent for.

  4. Ahhh! Coming out of lurkdom to say "music"...but only just!

  5. Thank goodness you didn't ask us to choose between books and something else! Music for me, but my mother says art. I think I have the casting vote though.

  6. Music. I can DIY art!

  7. Peter the Flautist25 November 2008 at 21:53

    To take up GeraniumCat's comment, I would choose music over literature these days.

    Dark Puss

  8. I could live without my favourite Van Gogh but I could not survive without Beethoven so it has to be music

  9. Wow! Music seems to be sweeping the vote. I'd like to give a smypathy vote for art, but I couldn't do without singing, so the vote goes to MUSIC!

  10. Music, mostly because it can be enjoyed even with your eyes closed. It's possible to own some great music to have to listen to whenever you want - while it's not (always) really possible to own great art that you may never see other than in a book or magazine or a museum. Honestly, I think of both as necessities of life - but, will stick with the above.

  11. Music, without any doubt. I don't think I could survive more than half a day without it.

    'Thig crioch air an t-saoghal ach mairidh gaol is ceol...'
    (The world will end but love and music will endure - Gaelic proverb)


  12. Music, although I think to be really strict we should define art as having any pictures in your home, any drawings on the front of books, any illustrations in magazines etc...


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